Shaked Raveh (still deciding whether to write her CV)

I am interested in decision making, or more specifically how not making them influence parental mood. I am also collaborating with Raveh, P., on the attention and sleep deprivation research.

I’m also interested in language processing and how long it takes the average parent to learn new words, under different conditions of alertness.

In between research projects I enjoy painting (not necessarily on paper), running around the house making strange noises, and playing with dolls.

Peleg Raveh (accidently chewed his CV)

I am interested in how attention is divided across siblings and the influence of sleep deprivation on efficient and successful split of attention. I also collaborate with Raveh, K. on several projects.

I am also interested in dogs and toys that makes annoying noises. Fun fact about me: Ten minutes of sleep and I’m fully charged and ready to go!

Keiynan Raveh (fell asleep while writing his CV)

I am interested in spatial abilities, especially one’s ability to find him/herself constantly under some furniture. My theory which I am working on these days together with Raveh, P., is that babies are born with the ability to locate spaces under furniture and find themselves there.

My hobbies include wheels, watching the same 20 minutes of songs on TV the entire day, and eating my toys.